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Yes, electrically assisted bicycles have been around since the 1890s. But it took mankind 133 years to create the electric bike that Bijen designs today.

Yes, Amsterdam is the city with the most developed cycling culture in the world, but it took from the first bicycle on the street until today for a remarkable electrically-assisted bicycle like the Bijen to appear on the Blauwbrug Bridge.

Yes, the Bijen utilizes more advanced battery, motor and electronic control technology as well as intelligent applications and a minimalist design. The bike is a surprisingly enjoyable ride with a Bauhaus aesthetic.

Yes, the safer riding experience comes from the combination of frame design and lightweight, from the reasonable center of gravity of the rear wheel motor and the tuning of the gear ratio, from the anti-theft search of GPS positioning, and from the confidence of stronger electric power.

But even more powerful is Bijen's ability to change the way of life of its owners, and will continue to progress. The history of electrically powered bicycles, the designs of countless pioneers, and the many models and styles have lasted one hundred and twenty years. But even more exciting than the history is the future that Bijen electric bikes are taking us towards.

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